Coronavirus Information

Updated Friday 27th March 2020

So, Coronavirus. We’ve had a very busy time working with our clients to ensure the best possible response and communications on their behalf. So we thought we should share a short update from Outwork Studio too.

In short, it is ‘business as normal’ for us so far…. or as close as it can possibly be.

  • We’re closely monitoring the latest government advice, and we have had remote working in place for our central team for some time.
  • We’re reviewing production processes with our partners on a daily basis, to ensure that the latest guidelines are followed. As always we’ll be ensuring the safety of all our team, clients and partners by assessing and managing every project on an individual basis. As such some production orders may not be fulfilled until normality is restored.
  • We’re replacing meetings with remote conferences. And (as much as we’ll find it difficult) we’ll have to stop sharing our usual handshakes, high-fives and hugs. Just for the time being.
  • Most importantly, we’ll certainly be taking a little extra time to look after our families wherever needed. We hope you all can do the same.

As one of the lucky organisations that can continue to operate remotely with minimal disruption, we are still on hand to support you and your business. We will be working to keep the vast majority of our services available and our lines of communication open throughout the coming weeks and months for those who may need us.

So please feel free to send your enquiries and projects as normal, should you be in a position to keep things moving. We’ll continue to keep you updated with our progress too. And whether you need assistance with marketing services, if there’s anything else at all we may be able to help you with, or if you simply need a sounding board for your concerns, please get in touch and we’ll be here to help wherever and with whatever we can.

Take care.

From all the team at Outwork Studio